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Dental Restorations

If left untreated, tooth decay can damage tooth functionality and morphology and eventually cause tooth loss. The good news is, your dentist can perform a variety of solutions that can effectively treat and prevent tooth decay, as well as replace missing teeth.


Dentists can treat small cavities in your teeth by filling them with materials such as amalgam, porcelain or dental composites. Dentists clear the decay from the affected areas of your teeth, and fill the emptied cavities with the restorative dental materials.


Dental crowns are used to cover larger areas affected by tooth decay. A dentist will file an affected tooth down, or build it up with fillings before a crown is carefully fitted over the cavity.


Inlays are used to treat decay in the same fashion as fillings. Unlike fillings, however, impressions of the cavity are used to create inlays made of restorative materials such as gold or porcelain. They are then applied to the affected tooth.


When the tooth decay has become too severe to be treated by a regular filling, but not large enough to require the application of a dental crown, an onlay is used. Onlays are prepared in the same way as inlays.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges can be used to fill in the gap left behind by a missing tooth.. Dental bridges are made of an artificial tooth that is attached to adjacent dental crowns. The crowns are applied over healthy teeth, while the artificial tooth fills in the gap.

Tooth decay is a prevalent oral problem that affects millions of people worldwide. Depending on the severity of the decay your dentist can prescribe crowns, fillings and dental bridges to effectively treat decay, and to protect your teeth. It’s easy to care for your bridges, fillings and crowns. Hassle-free and easy, they require the same amount of oral care that a you would normally give your natural teeth. Good and consistent dental care will help preserve your natural and artificial teeth, fillings and crowns, as well as prevent severe forms of decay from threatening your oral health again.

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