Guards and Bite Aplliances

Guards, Bite Appliances

Although the enamel protecting your teeth is the hardest material in your body, your teeth are still vulnerable to damage, wear and dental injury.

Sports Guards

Athletes who participate in a physical sport such as boxing, wrestling or football need sufficient protection for their teeth. Our comfortable, custom-made sports guards are worn over the teeth, where they act as shock absorbers, protecting your teeth from dental injury caused by the most extreme of blunt forces.

Because our custom-made guards are tailored to the shape of each patient’s jaw, they ensure a comfort fit. They stay in place in your mouth and thus provide optimum protection for your teeth during extreme physical activity.

Bite Appliances

Bruxism describes the condition of excessive teeth grinding and clenching. Patients with bruxism suffer from various symptoms such as tooth hypersensitivity, jaw aches, and tender cheek muscles, and fractured teeth.

Your dentist can prescribe bite appliances, or occlusal splints, to ease symptoms caused by bruxism.  They are made of smooth and flexible plastic, and can worn while sleeping. During your sleep, bite appliances will absorb the shock caused by excessive clenching and grinding, and consequently prevent your teeth from further trauma and damage.

Unlike standard mouth and sports guards that can be purchased from stores, our products are custom-made for each patient.For more information on how and why custom-made sports guards and occlusal splints are the best solution for you, contact us today.

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