TMJ Disorders


Do you suffer from excessive facial pain and soreness in your shoulders, necks or cheeks? Are biting problems and constant headaches disrupting your daily activities? Your temperormandibular joint may be adversely affected. It is the joint that connects your skull’s temporal bone to your lower jawbone, and is important for controlling the movement in your mouth. If left untreated by a dentist, such discomfort may persist for months or years.

Your dentist can diagnose TMJ disorders through a thorough examination of the mouth, jaws, bite and. Treatments for TMJ are based on the severity of the problem. For instance, simple but effective treatments such as painkillers or basic cold or heat packs can ease the pain. More permanent solutions may include laser therapy, radiowave therapy, the use of corrective bite appliances or nightguards, occlusal splints, dental bridges or crowns

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